Latest Updates

Various updates to billing
Minor billing changes
Track bug fix
Misc array handling fixes
Array mishandling bug fix
Updated Paddle handler
Updated Paddle handler
Updated Paddle handler
Paddle integration updates
Paddle integration changes
Paddle integration cred changes
Style tweak (we have a new orange)
Billing tweaks
Billing settings improvements
Billing setup
Crisp bugfixes
Crisp bugfix
Crisp bugfix
Updated Crisp data sync
Crisp sync integration
Update Crisp sync
Crisp API integration
Relocated Crisp integration
Crisp integration update
Switched back from Intercom to Crisp
Integrated Crisp SDK
Composer fix
Intercom integration bug fix
Intercom display improvements
Switched from Crisp to Intercom
Removed maintenance mode code
Added code todos
Disable maintenance mode
Plan config tweaks
Disable maintenance mode
Maintenance mode
Removed default plan
Updates to how billing is handled
Reconfig app init
Reconfig plans
Updated admin panel
Integrated Paddle
Updated sub-services
Composer versioning fix
Misc API endpoint reconfiguration
More API reconfig
Ticket options caching issue
Track page refinements
Kanban ticket menu initialisation bug fix
Fixed bug with tickets without a project not displaying
Ticket description editor UI refinements
Ticket description autosave bug fix
Ticket description editor bug fixes
Refined onboarding experience
Billing page copy tweak
Minor changes to Figma linking experience
Updates to linked Figma file UI
Figma sync script updates
Track project selection bug fix
API bug fix
Card sorting UI refinements
Minor kanban performance improvements
Bug fixes
Minor kanban bug fixes
Kanban board performance improvements
Code tidy-ups
Various visual bug fixes and improvements
Kanban auto-refresh performance improvements
Tue Apr 16 13:50:10 BST 2024
Minor performance improvements
Various kanban front-end performance improvements
Testing ticket fetch queries for performance
Ticket fetch performance improvements
Rewrote ticket fetcher query
Revert "Rewrote ticket fetcher query" This reverts commit fab02c6706d0f66b4209ddac80bc51ddecdc33f9.
Query optimisation
Misc API refactoring
Ticket fetch performance improvements
Removed Community page
Refactored API
Improved popup and button styling
Kanban styling bug fix
Moved Figma sync box to sidebar
Added internal manuals feature (NBS only)
Changes to admin panel
Refinements to onboarding checklist
Fixed sidebar drop shadow layering bug
Shared board layout bug fix
Figma sync spinner bug fix