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Inbox grid bug fix
Track bug fix
Admin update
Admin update
Admin changes
Admin bug fix
AI titles update
Figma API tweak
API changes
Bug fix
Internal changes
Improvements to project description editor
Bug fixes
Popup bug fix
Ticket options menu bug fix
Ticket creation date now shows in activity
Figbot bug fix
Kanban comments bug fix
Revert "Kanban sync bug fixes" This reverts commit dced4bc62be13e59375b72e0583b50287f1c8fb8.
Kanban sync bug fixes
Select what timezone to view time entries in
Billing page tweaks
Randomised avatars are now set on sign up
Show online users
Code tidyup
Update build num
Updates to Track
Sidebar bug fix
New default avatars
Help Center
Typo fix
Minor bug fix
Bug fix
Workspace switch bug fix
Minor bug fixes
Share projects between teams [Beta]
Advanced project settings
Update build num
Minor ui improvements
Minor ui refinements
Kanban sync state bug fix
More regular auto sync
Background Figma sync is live
Subtler Figma sync display
Icon color bug fix
Improve readability/contrast in dark mode
New sidebar nav icons
Minor bug fix
Minor bug fix
Build num
Figma files are now listed on project page
Inbox count bug fix
Mobile layout bug fix
Reinstated sidebar fade
Minor bug fix
Build num update
Minor UI refinement
Bug fix
Bug fix
New nav style
Minor bug fix
Minor style fix
Minor UI improvements
Extended trial to 30 days
Minor bug fix
New UI!
Cache fix
Copy fix
Inbox is now separate from Desk
Removed onboarding checklist
New nav layout
Figma sync update
iOS widget bug fix
Zapier installation instructions
Zapier integration is now live!
Improved usability on mobile
Figma bug fix
Figma troubleshooting
Figma troubleshooting
Figma bug fix
Figma bug fix
Bug fix
Lists bug fix
Lists bug fix
Lists bug fix
Floating point bug fix
Reapply "API update to optionally exclude snoozed tickets" This reverts commit f769593c9459451d95ee2d8669e6f623994c065a.
Revert "API update to optionally exclude snoozed tickets" This reverts commit 4b9cf55d3888d26e5d3cae318cefa6c9a70437a8.
Revert "Desk personalisation bug fix" This reverts commit 340b79d33237608fd47336528a8d5cad0a202917.
Desk personalisation bug fix
API update to optionally exclude snoozed tickets
iOS widget bug fix
iOS widget bug fix
iOS widget bug fix
iOS widget bug fix
iOS widget update
iOS widget updates
iOS widget
Inbox bug fix