Mast is now Marathon!
It's still the same great product – we've just changed our name :)

About Marathon

Marathon is created by Never Before Seen – a product studio working exclusively with early stage startups.

Our agency was drowning in so many design notes, tasks and feedback that we didn't know where to start. We'd spend hours in meetings with clients talking about tiny details and big picture changes, then once we were off those meetings we'd still have more to discuss.

It was chaos. A single task took days to complete, and changes were often never reviewed properly or were even totally missed.

We needed a better way.

One Friday evening, after a crazy week of us trying to process thousands (yes, thousands) of design notes and questions – both in the form of Figma comments and our own hand-written notes from team meetings, our founder, Jeremy, decided he’d had enough.

That weekend, Marathon came to life.

By Monday morning, after a sleepless weekend downing probably a hundred coffees, Never Before Seen became Marathon’s first user.

Fast forward two years of constant development and refinements, and what we have is a project tool with an inbox which connects Figma, Slack, or practically any other place you're receiving tasks. It's become the core of our agency workflow – it's where clients send requests, where we work on them, and where they approve or leave feedback.

Being a team of creatives, we felt it was important to build Marathon for focus, with a centralized workflow for all projects, allowing for a unique 'My Desk' view which cuts out the noise from the rest of the team, and lets you see just what matters to you.

Our team and our clients love Marathon. It’s transformed how we work, and we’re incredibly excited that it’s now available for other design teams as well.

Jeremy Blaze
Founder of Marathon

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