Mast is now Marathon!
It's still the same great product – we've just changed our name :)

The project tool for design teams

All your tasks, feedback and Figma comments in one place – with direct access for clients.
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Everything in one place.

Feedback, comments and tasks land in Marathon from wherever you’re working.

Smart Inbox

Connect 6,000+ apps to your Inbox and see all your work in one place*
*Only Figma right now – more apps coming soon via integration with Zaper

Two-Way Figma Sync

All comments and activity are synced between Marathon and Figma.

Smart Assignment

Marathon automatically assigns the right people, sets priority and sorts the item into the right project. No setup required.

AI Titles

No matter where the item came from, Marathon’s AI will summarize the item and add a title.

Working with clients?

Share updates and get feedback and approvals from clients right inside Marathon.

Add, Approve & Comment

Avoid unnecessary meetings by getting new requests, approvals and feedback from clients directly in Marathon, ready for you to work on.

Custom Branding

Hide Marathon's default branding and replace with your own, for a seamless client experience.

Built for focus.

A centralized workflow for all your projects, plus a workspace just for you.

My Desk

See only what you want to see in your Desk.


Declutter by snoozing things for later.

Just press start.

Time tracking is built right in, so you don’t have to keep switching between apps.

Seamless Tracking

Press play on an item when you start on it – without breaking your flow.

Time Dashboard

See exactly where you whole team's time goes.

Reports & Data Export

See your whole team’s time in one place, or export as CSV to handle however you like.


Set billable and labor rates to get ultra accurate forecasts of project profitability, plus set time limits on individual tasks so you know you're always within budget.

Launching this fall

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